How long does each cleaning take?
Typically it comes out to about 1-2 hour per home, it might take less, or even more depending in the condition of the home as well as the custom package needed.
​Do I have to be there when the cleaners arrive?
No, you can leave a key for us to get in and we'll handle it from there. Some of our clients leave their key under a mat, in the mailbox, at a front-desk, or somewhere else out of sight. Just let us where the key will be in the instructions by the contact form, otherwise just give us a call.
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards and debit cards, cash or checks ( made to: Elite Home Cleanup) (If you'd like to tip your cleaner you may use cash or add it in the check or credit card we will give them cash or added to their pay check.)
Are your services actually green and eco-friendly?
We do have teams that use only green products. Just request that you'd like a full green team on the booking form or phone and we'll make sure they're sent to your home!
Who's responsible for the supplies?

We bring all of the necessary supplies, including vacuums & paper towels. If you have a preferred product to use (e.g. for wood floors) just let us know.
Do you clean on the weekends?
We work 6 days a week and start our first jobs at 7:00 am and finish around 6pm. We do our best to stay on the phone to 8pm for any questions or booking concerns.
Can you clean if I'm not home?
Yes we can, just let us know on the booking form how to get in.
Do you use any dangerous chemicals?
We use commercial chemicals for a Frequently custom clean, this means that products such as Lime Away, Windex, Lysol, Pledge, Degreaser, Clean Up, Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Pine sol, Old English, Glass Plus, Easy Off, Mop & Glow, and much more will be use, if this cleaning supplies are not an option you can request a nontoxic or green product and it’ll be provided for the cleaning
What about mildew stains?
We will clean the surfaces, but we cannot bleach stains due to toxicity and danger to your floor surfaces.
Will you do my "spring cleaning"?
​Sure. We know that even a weekly thorough, general cleaning will require spring cleaning from time to time. If interested, call to schedule an hourly cleaning. We will work from a prioritized list, which you provide. We prefer you to be home, if possible, to oversee the progress, but do not require it. If we are not trained or equipped to do something requested, we will tell you that. Anytime you ask us to use your products or equipment, we ask you to take responsibility for the results. It is helpful if you can review with the manager over the phone what you would like our staff to accomplish for you at the time you schedule the special cleaning.
I have lots of collectibles and knick-knacks – How should we handle that?
That is up to you. We don't go inside cabinets to dust routinely, but items out in the open will be moved and dusted unless you specify otherwise. Obviously, homes with lots of things to dust take longer than those without, so it will inevitably be reflected in the price of cleaning your home. If you have a particular item or items that you especially cherish and would like to minimize the risk of that item being broken or damaged, we will be happy to note such things and leave them alone. Unfortunately accidents do happen, but let's minimize the risk where you see fit.
Do you prefer to use your equipment and supplies or mine?
​Our staff is most efficient and effective using the standard, equipment and supplies which they have been trained to use and use daily. If you have some product or piece of equipment you prefer them to use, we will do that only if you accept the risks involved with no training in their use.

We have a ca cancelation fee that will be charged to the customer if they cancel the day before or same day appoinment .