Custom Clean

Custom Clean offers a  solution for homeowner’s who have larger homes that perhaps have rooms  that are seldom or infrequently used. Clients will be able to choose  which areas will be clean and minimize the time spend at your home,  Custom Clean will be according to the areas needed and the time needed  to complete the task or areas clients has choose.   Ask our specialist  to calculate the ​amount and time needed, or which custom package will  be best for your budget 

Frequently custom clean

Frequently,  for a custom clean, the areas include all high use, high traffic areas  such as kitchens, living and family rooms, Master beds and baths,  hallways, entertainment grottos/man-caves and regularly used bathrooms.  All our custom packages include sweeping, moping and vacuuming.

Frequently Custom Clean will be a Flat Rate, No hourly Charge, and No Hidden Fees.

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Basic Residential:

Common Areas:

  • Vacuum floors and carpeted areas
  • Mop all floors
  • General dusting
  • Polish furniture
  • Garbage removal


  • Vacuum floors and carpeted areas
  • Mop all floors
  • General dusting
  • Polish furniture
  • Make beds & Change .linens (left on top of bed)
  • Garbage removal
  • Basic organizing
  • Window sills dusted


  • Vacuum floors and carpeted areas
  • Mop floors
  • General dusting
  • Garbage removal
  • Clean, disinfect and polish all glass, metal and wood surfaces
  • Wash/Disinfect toilet bowl
  • Clean, disinfect and polish showers and bathtubs. Light mildew removal
  • Mirrors cleaned

Front Entrance:

  • Basic Organizing
  • Trash Removal
  • Empty wastebaskets 



  • Vacuum floors and carpeted areas
  • Mop floors
  • Microwave cleaning (Interior)
  • Stove cleaning
  • Garbage removal
  • Stainless steel appliances polished


Laundry may be done upon request within the cleaning time at  additional cost 

**Note: We only do fold clothes in this type of custom package; clothes have to be left behind wash for as to be able to fold

Basic Office Cleaning:

  • Common Areas
  • Trash Removal
  • Vacuuming
  • Complete Dusting 


  • Cleaning & Sanitizing
  • Mirror Cleaning 
  • Stainless Steel Cleaning
  • Sweep & Mop floors
  • Trash Removal

Deep Custom Clean

  • Our  top Deep Custom Clean Service includes everything in a Frequently  Custom Clean and more. You’ll appreciate the time you save and the  professional 

cleaning services we provide. Leave everything to us. We even bring all the necessary supplies. You’ll be simply amazed how efficiently our cleaning teams can thoroughly clean your home, condo, or apartment. Perfect for the once a year “spring cleaning” or when moving in to a new home and you want everything sanitized and sparkling like new.

Deep  Custom Clean will bring your home up to a high shining perfection, and  stop you from playing catch-up. A deep cleaning will get your home  “ready to show” for company or when you have decided to sell.

Deep  Custom Clean will help sanitize thoroughly Baseboards, Blinds, Ceiling  Fans, Windows Sills,  plus One of your favorite ADD on.  Customize your  own Deep Custom Clean Today!

Our  maid service is serious, heavy duty, detailed deep house cleaning from  top to bottom. Deep cleaning can be done on your house, office,  apartment and condo. 

Deep  Custom Clean might take more than 3 hours depending on your custom  list, remember this custom package includes your home clean, plus all  custom thoroughly areas/ items your might need. 

Our check list for Deep Custom Clean:

  • Detail Cleaning of Living areas
  • Detail Cleaning of Dining Area
  • Detailed cleanings of kitchen and bathrooms
  • Baseboards and doors wipe down 
  • Window sills dusted
  • Ceiling fans cleaned
  • Cabinet facings in bathrooms and kitchen cleaned
  • Blinds wipe down front & back


Custom spring cleaning


Custom Spring Cleaning helps you organize your life and enjoy the serenity that comes from living in a clean and orderly home.

It doesn’t have to be Spring to want a clean household! We provide extra detailed “spring” cleaning year round. All first time customers qualify for this highly professional and thoroughly detailed routine. With strong focus on the kitchen and bathrooms, we also do an overall cleaning of all other living areas by dusting and

wiping down furniture, window sills, and baseboards. Floors are swept, vacuumed and mopped.
No  request is too small! We truly believe that the old fashioned approach  to customer service is the best way to go. It's our pleasure to provide  the best possible Spring Cleaning Service! Please customize your service  by letting us know what you need by listening to you we will be able to  make a check list for your Custom Spring Cleaning which will be send by  e mail to you with the final amount, you can add or scratch out  anything you feel you don’t or might need.
Our Spring cleaning  checklist includes all the services performed during Custom Frequently  Clean, plus your custom package choose from following:

  •   Detailed cleanings of kitchen and bathrooms
  •   Detailed Cleaning of Living Areas
  •   Detailed Cleaning of Game Rooms
  •   Baseboards and doors wipe down
  •   Blinds wipe down entire home 
  •   Window sills cleaned
  •   Light fixtures cleaned
  •   Ceiling fans cleaned
  •   Cabinet facings in bathrooms and kitchen cleaned
  •   Windows Clean Inside ( Windex or Glass Cleaner )
  •   Light Plates Wipe down
  •   Blinds Wipe down 
  •   French Doors Clean & Glass Clean (Windex)
  •   Refrigerator clean Inside and Outside 
  •   Oven Clean inside and Outside 

Elite Deluxe Package

We specialized in the best packages, our Elite  Deluxe package combines, all packages . Elite Deluxe will include all  your Basic Cleaning package, Custom clean and all Special Request, this  package have it all. 

Elite Deluxe package will come with the following:

  • Details cleaning kitchen 
  • Detail cleaning bathrooms
  • Detail cleaning Game rooms
  • Detail cleaning Bedrooms
  • Detail cleaning Study
  • Detail cleaning Media Rooms
  • Detail cleaning Windows sills
  • Detail cleaning damp wipe baseboards
  • Detail Cleaning damp wipe blinds
  • Detail clean inside and outside Refrigerator
  • Detail clean inside and outside of Oven 
  • Detail clean Cabinets Outside wipe down ( bathrooms & Kitchen )
  • Detail clean Windows Clean inside only ( Glass cleaner / no track


Custom move in/move out

When  moving out of a home, condo, apartment or office, it is important to  leave the space totally clean. If not, you’ll lose all or part of your  security/cleaning deposit. Let Elite Home Cleanup take care of getting  your property clean for move in / move out so you can focus on getting  into your new home.
Elite Home Cleanup specializes in real estate  cleanings throughout Houston & surrounding areas. Moving in or out  of a place can be a difficult challenge for an individual, couple or  family. It’s not easy as we all know that feeling of “Oh we’re done, but  now we have to clean.” Let Elite Home Cleanup help you finish the job,  and clean the old place so you can relax, put your feet up, and enjoy  your new home worry free.

Elite  Home Clean-up covers all the bases when cleaning your space either in  preparation for you and your family or the next one to follow! We always  recommend having us clean both before you move in to your new space and  after you move out of your old one so that you get the maximum  advantages on both ends of your move. Move in or out cleanings pay  attention to those extra details you can’t get to normally like inside  all cabinets, drawers and appliances! You can make your own package just  by looking at your needs; we can clean up everything you might need to  get that place ready for you, no limit into a New Home .

 We can customize your package, check our check list and choose: 


Living Areas: 

  • Carpets Vacuumed
  • Stairs vacuumed
  • Vacuum, mop and dry all hard floor surfaces
  • All marble hand washed and dried
  • Window sills cleaned
  • Furniture dusted (if applicable)
  • Baseboards dusted & wiped down
  • Closet shelves & drawers cleaned
  • Ceiling fans & light fixtures cleaned
  • Air vents dusted
  • Spot clean doors and frames
  • Cobwebs removed
  • Thorough dusting

Bedrooms & Bathrooms: 

  • Bathtub and tile walls cleaned and disinfected
  • Shower, shower walls and doors cleaned and disinfected
  • Toilets cleaned and disinfected inside an out
  • Sinks and countertops cleaned, rinsed and disinfected
  • All fixtures cleaned and disinfected
  • Medicine cabinets cleaned
  • Window sills wiped down
  • Mirrors cleaned and shined
  • Inside/outside of cabinets and drawers wiped down
  • Baseboards dusted and wiped down
  • Floors sweep & mop



  • Sinks scrubbed, disinfected and polished
  • All countertop appliances cleaned
  • Outside of range hood cleaned 
  • Inside/outside of oven cleaned
  • Inside/outside of refrigerator cleaned and disinfected
  • Countertops and backsplash cleaned and disinfected
  • Inside/outside of cabinets and drawers cleaned
  • Dishwasher cleaned and disinfected
  • Inside/outside of microwave cleaned and disinfected
  • Window sills cleaned
  • Baseboards dusted & wiped down
  • Floors washed and dried
  • Trash removed
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Thorough dusting

Outdoors Area/ Patio/ Garage (if Empty):

  • Balconies or Garage swept, or mopped as needed
  • Sliding glass doors clean (Windex or Glass Cleaner)